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www.wormers-direct.co.uk has traded online for 15 years and is wholly owned by SH Wetherald of Bardsey Mills Ltd a traditional feed merchant of over 40 years standing.  www.wormers-direct.co.uk use the expertise of their qualified animal health advisors to advise on faecal worm egg counts and are pleased to offer holders of the Essentials card a 5% discount on all order for the stand alone faecal worm egg count kits. This offer is available both online and instore and comes with a full advisory service and health plan implantation with Freephone advice at any time.

A faecal worm egg count will provide information which will help our SQP's to advise you on an overall horse health plan including worming when necessary. Worm egg counts can help to identify those horses that have a burden and are the heavier shedders of infective larvae on the pasture. Some horses harbour quite high parasite numbers while others consistently maintain a low burden. Factors such as age, worming history and stocking densities need to be taken into account. By using faecal worm egg counts we can monitor just how each horse may be susceptible to parasites. Worm egg counts can also be used to determine if resistance to the active ingredients used in the worming products is present.  As a nation of horse owners we must be aware that over use of worming products is one of the reasons resistance has built up to some of the chemicals used in worming products.  Resistance can also occur from other bad practises such as under dosing but the use of faecal worm egg counts on horses will help us combat the resistance built up from incorrect use of wormers when they are not needed.