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Premier Equimark

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Premier Equimark is the new name in freeze marking. We offer the most comprehensive and innovative service in the UK, with customers able to choose the style and appearance of the mark they want adding to their horse.

With your essentials card you will be able to take advantage of our £5.00 off the basic cost of a freeze mark. If you want to personalise your choice, then you will also be entitled to £5.00 of the cost of a personal mark, giving you a £10 saving on the £75 cost of a personal mark.

You can now choose from a variety of ways of having your horse marked, from their name, owners name or something more personal than the randomly assigned letters and numbers. We offer a choice of designs as well as numbers and letters giving our clients the greatest choice available in the UK.

We work in partnership with Farmkey and their 365/24 hour service. All our clients get the benefit of their horse’s details being included onto Farmkey’s database, for an initial period of 12 months, we feel this offers people the best security package available in the UK.

Even with the introduction of micro chipping, freeze marking remains the most effective way of protecting your horse against theft.

With the absence of a national micro chipping data base, despite it being a legal requirement to have your horse’s chipped since 2009, freeze marking remains the number one way to protect your horse, being both highly visible and easily traceable. The return rate for non- freeze marked horses when stolen is very poor, even with the access to social media etc.  

The most common thought expressed to me by my customers is the peace of mind having a freeze mark on their animals gives them.