Redwings Horse Sanctuary

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Redwings Horse Sanctuary believes that every horse, pony, donkey and mule has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect, and every day the charity strives to support and promote the welfare, care and protection of equines through rescue, rehabilitation, education and specialist sanctuary care.

 Redwings is the UK’s largest horse sanctuary providing daily care to more than 1,500 rescue horses, ponies, donkeys and mules – the majority of whom are unlikely to be rehomed due to their challenging veterinary needs, sympathetic handling requirements or behavioural difficulties, which are a result of the neglect they have suffered. Redwings therefore ensures that every equine – no matter how complex their needs – has the opportunity to live out their days in a loving and safe environment.

 For those that are able to have a fulfilling life outside the Sanctuary, Redwings also provides a specialised rehoming and retraining programme. Redwings currently has approximately 500 horses living out in Guardian homes, and the charity’s commitment to lifelong care extends to its rehomed equines as each and every horse under the Guardianship scheme will have a place at the Sanctuary should they need to return.

 In early 2015, Redwings was delighted to announce a major expansion to their operations in the form of a merger with Scottish horse rescue charity Mountains Animal Sanctuary; a partnership that saw Redwings become a truly national charity.

Redwings is 100% publicly funded and every donation, however large or small, helps the charity help horses in need. In addition to giving every equine the opportunity for lifelong sanctuary care, essential veterinary treatment and rehabilitation therapies, Redwings has visitor centres around the UK that provide homes for its residents as well as facilitating the charity’s educational work.

 These include centres in Oxhill, Warwickshire; Harlow, Essex and Aylsham and Caldecott in Norfolk. Redwings’ newest centre in Aylsham was funded by the kind donations of its supporters and has been vital in enabling the charity to continue to provide homes for the increasing number of abandoned horses in desperate need of love and care.