About Us

Horses as a sport, profession or hobby are expensive.  There are no two ways about it!

As a horse owner you have limited time to find discounts on products.  Generally you expect to be able to buy “luxury” items at a discount in a sale or on special offer, but do we look for a discount on the day to day items?  No? Well, we have negotiated discounts for you EVERY TIME YOU SHOP and more importantly not only on luxuries and extras, but on the ESSENTIALS too! 

The Essentials Club supports you EVERYTIME you buy products from our partners so your annual savings could be really substantial! 

So, if you use your card to claim the discounts on Insurance, Rugs, Feed, Bedding, Worm Counts, Safety Equipment, Passports, Tack, Clothing and all other offers, you could save enough money to buy another horse! 

Check out our SAVINGS CALCULATOR to see what you could be saving!

The card not only gives you great savings throughout the year on ESSENTIAL equestrian purchases but will also benefit two EQUINE CHARITIES.  This year, with your help, we will be supporting RIDING FOR THE DISABLED ASSOCIATION and REDWINGS HORSE SANCTUARY.